This extension provides an interface to expand-collapse nodes.


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This is a fork from cytoscape.js-expand-collapse with some bug fixes.


This extension provides an interface to expand/collapse nodes for better management of complexity of Cytoscape.js compound graphs, distributed under The MIT License. When using this extension, please cite the following paper, on which the ideas are based on:

U. Dogrusoz and B. Genc, "A Multi-Graph Approach to Complexity Management in Interactive Graph Visualization", Computers & Graphics, 30(1), pp. 86-97, 2006.


  • Note that compounds are nodes.

cy.expandCollapse(options) To initialize/set options whenever you want.

  • Following functions get options parameter to apply during a particular event unlike the function above.

eles.collapse(options) Collapse node(s).

eles.collapseRecursively(options) Collapse node(s) and their child nodes.

cy.collapseAll(options) Collapse all nodes on graph (recursively).

eles.expand(options) Expand node(s).

eles.expandRecursively(options) Expand node(s) and their child compounds.

cy.expandAll(options) Expand all nodes on graph (recursively).

ele.isExpandable() Get whether node is expandable (or is collapsed)

ele.isCollapsible() Get whether node is expandable (or is collapsed).

eles.expandableNodes() Returns expandable nodes from given set of elements.

eles.collapsibleNodes() Returns collapsible nodes from given set of elements.

cy.expandableNodes() Returns expandable nodes from whole graph.

cy.collapsibleNodes() Returns collapsible nodes from whole graph.

cy.setExpandCollapseOptions(options) Resets the options to the given parameter.

cy.setExpandCollapseOption(name, value) Sets the value of the option given by the name to the given value.


cy.nodes().on("beforeCollapse", function(event) { var node = this; ... }) Triggered before a node is collapsed

cy.nodes().on("afterCollapse", function(event) { var node = this; ... }) Triggered after a node is collapsed

cy.nodes().on("beforeExpand", function(event) { var node = this; ... }) Triggered before a node is expanded

cy.nodes().on("afterExpand", function(event) { var node = this; ... }) Triggered after a node is expanded

Default Options

    var options = {
      layoutBy: null, // for rearrange after expand/collapse. It's just layout options or whole layout function. Choose your side!
      fisheye: true, // whether to perform fisheye view after expand/collapse you can specify a function too
      animate: true, // whether to animate on drawing changes you can specify a function too
      ready: function () { }, // callback when expand/collapse initialized
      undoable: true, // and if undoRedoExtension exists,

      cueEnabled: true, // Whether cues are enabled
      expandCollapseCuePosition: 'top-left', // default cue position is top left you can specify a function per node too
      expandCollapseCueSize: 12, // size of expand-collapse cue
      expandCollapseCueLineSize: 8, // size of lines used for drawing plus-minus icons
      expandCueImage: undefined, // image of expand icon if undefined draw regular expand cue
      collapseCueImage: undefined, // image of collapse icon if undefined draw regular collapse cue
      expandCollapseCueSensitivity: 1 // sensitivity of expand-collapse cues

Default Undo/Redo Actions

ur.do("collapse", { nodes: eles, options: opts) Equivalent of eles.collapse(opts)

ur.do("expand", { nodes: eles, options: opts) Equivalent of eles.expand(opts)

ur.do("collapseRecursively", { nodes: eles, options: opts) Equivalent of eles.collapseRecursively(opts)

ur.do("expandRecursively", { nodes: eles, options: opts) Equivalent of eles.expandRecursively(opts)

ur.do("collapseAll", { options: opts) Equivalent of cy.collapseAll(opts)

ur.do("expandAll", { options: opts }) Equivalent of cy.expandAll(opts)

Elements Style

  • Collapsed nodes have 'cy-expand-collapse-collapsed-node' class.
  • Meta edges have 'cy-expand-collapse-meta-edge' class.


  • Cytoscape.js ^1.7.0
  • jQuery ^1.7.0 || ^2.0.0 || ^3.0.0
  • cytoscape-undo-redo.js(optional) ^1.0.1
  • cytoscape-cose-bilkent.js(optional/suggested for layout after expand/collapse) ^1.3.6

Usage instructions

Download the library:

  • via npm: npm install cytoscape-expand-collapse,
  • via bower: bower install cytoscape-expand-collapse, or
  • via direct download in the repository (probably from a tag).

require() the library as appropriate for your project:


var cytoscape = require('cytoscape');
var jquery = require('jquery');
var expandCollapse = require('cytoscape-expand-collapse');

expandCollapse( cytoscape, jquery ); // register extension


require(['cytoscape', 'cytoscape-expand-collapse'], function( cytoscape, expand-collapse ){
  expand-collapse( cytoscape ); // register extension

Plain HTML/JS has the extension registered for you automatically, because no require() is needed.

Publishing instructions

This project is set up to automatically be published to npm and bower. To publish:

  1. Set the version number environment variable: export VERSION=1.2.3
  2. Publish: gulp publish
  3. If publishing to bower for the first time, you'll need to run bower register cytoscape-expand-collapse https://github.com/iVis-at-Bilkent/cytoscape.js-expand-collapse.git


If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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