SDK for streaming market data from Barchart.com


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Barchart offers streaming market data for a wide range of asset classes which trade on exchanges around the world. Review our market data catalog for details.

This SDK enables your applications to consume real-time market data, as follows:

  • A WebSocket connection is established between your application and Barchart's quote servers, then
  • Your application requests market data for one or more symbols, then
  • Your application receives a market data stream for subscribed symbols.


Complete documentation for this SDK can be accessed here:


Working demos are available for web browser and Node.js environments. Please refer to the documentation.

Package Managers

This library has been published to NPM as @barchart/marketdata-api-js. Install as follows:

npm install @barchart/marketdata-api-js -S


Source code is written in ES2018. Consequently, transpilation is recommended for use in web browsers.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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