Official Node.js client for BadgeUp, a user engagement and gamification service.


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BadgeUp Node.js Client

Official Node.js client for working with BadgeUp, a user engagement and gamification service.

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npm install @badgeup/badgeup-node-client --save


The BadgeUp Node.js client is initialized with an options object.

const { BadgeUp } = require('@badgeup/badgeup-node-client');
// or for TypeScript, import { BadgeUp } from '@badgeup/badgeup-node-client';

const badgeup = new BadgeUp({
    apiKey: // the API Key created for use with this application

// get a complete list of achievements
const achievements = await badgeup.achievements.getAll();


Run npm run dev to have TypeScript watch for changes and automatically compile during development. Running npm test will automatically trigger a compilation.


If you find an problem with this module, please file an issue. This module targets compatibility with all LTS versions of Node.js. These versions can be found in .travis.yml.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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