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Brigadier: The JS library for Brigade

Brigadier is the events and jobs library for Brigade.

This is the core of the Brigadier library, but the Kubernetes runtime is part of Brigade itself. To run a brigade.js file in Kubernetes, it will need to be executed within Brigade.

What is it good for?

This library is useful for:

  • testing brigade.js files
  • extending Brigade's worker
  • supporting code completion in tooling
  • implementing alternative Brigade backends

Because there is no JobRunner implementation, executing job.run() is a no-op unless you override the appropriate methods on the Job class.



Install with Yarn, NPM, etc.:

$ yarn add @azure/brigadier

While this library is fairly stable, it is considered best to match the version of this library to the version of Brigade that you are using.


The API is the same here as in Brigade's API:

const {events, Job} = require("@azure/brigadier");

events.on("push", (e, p) => {
    console.log("Got a push event");
    const j = new Job("example", "alpine:3.7");
    j.run().then((res) => {
        console.log(`result: ${ res.toString() } `)

To learn more, visit the official scripting guide.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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