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Wrapper around request to provide unified approach of using it across other packages.


This module export a wrapper function around request with the following parameters:

  • uri - the request location
  • headers - the request headers
  • method - the HTTP method
  • body - the request body
  • options - the options to configure the request

Supported Options

Some of the options are based on the request library options specified here - https://github.com/request/request#requestoptions-callback The default values used are:

const requestOptions = {
    followRedirect: true,
    followAllRedirects: true,
    followOriginalHttpMethod: true,
    strictSSL: true,
    maxRedirects: 10,
    gzip: true,
    encoding: null

Additional options could be provided as well:

  • rawBuffer - if true the requester returns raw Buffer, if false it does "smart" decoding.


Axway R&D support@axway.com https://axway.com



  • #6315: Internal chore.


  • #6187: Fix README.md input parameter documentation.


  • #6116: Internal cleanup chore.


  • #6114: Refactor code for style, security and performance improvements.


  • #6074: Internal CI chore


  • #5764: Add support for request and response logging using optional logger provided in options.
  • #5764: Breaking change: Removed error property from the response which was always going to be undefined.


  • #5711: Internal cleanup of npm scripts.


  • #5708: Internal changes to update mocha configuration


  • #5707: Internal cleanup to code coverage during build process.


  • #5622: Fix regression introduced in 3.1.1 where the format of the data returned would change depending on the value of the response rather than just the content-type header. Now, when content type is "application/json" and rawBuffer is false, a JSON value will be returned, otherwise it will throw an error while parsing. For other known text-like content-types including "application/xml", a valid string will always be returned. For every other case, a Buffer will be consistently returned.


  • #5630: Support outbound requests with object body as form data including files and streams when using multipart/form-data content type.
  • #5630: Add additional validation to individual payload fields to provide better error messages when using application/x-www-form-urlencoded content type.


  • #5622: Fixed error when the Accept header was a derivative of "application/json" and 0 length response body was returned.


  • #5329: Support outbound requests with object body as form data when using application/x-www-form-urlencoded content type.


  • #5432: Previously, the requester was encoding and decoding the payload assuming it was of type application/json. Now, it respects the provided content type.


  • #5364: Support insecure SSL option on outbound requests insecureSSL.


  • #4919: Requester now is just a tiny wrapper around the request module. It has no business logic within it.

  • #4918: Breaking change: Previously, if a request to a method which documented an optional query parameter with a default value and was not supplied to the request, the default value would be sent to the service instead. Now, default values are not used when sending query parameters.

  • #4918: Breaking change: Removed support for the following credential configuration values. Authorization parameters should be provided in authorizationData instead:

    • x-vendor-openapi-username
    • x-vendor-openapi-password
    • x-vendor-openapi-key
    • x-vendor-openapi-token
  • #4918: Added support for authorization parameters, replacing x-vendor-openapi- global configuration. These parameters are generated based on the security parameter in the original swagger document.


  • #4757: Changed SCM repository and associated internal cleanup.


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