Axway Flow Engine dot Template node. See http://olado.github.io/doT


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This plugin installs the doT Compose flow-node to be used within Axway API Builder's flow editor.

The Template flow-node allows the evaluation of doT templates using values from the flow.

⚠️ Warning: Installing this module may report a security vulnerability with doT. This is because doT templates can be used to execute malicious JavaScript.

Templates should never come from untrusted sources. If you trust all the templates that you use, then you can safely ignore the vulnerability and continue to use this plugin.

This plugin is no longer bundled with new API Builder projects. We suggest using @axway/api-builder-plugin-fn-javascript instead of the formatObject method, or @axway/api-builder-plugin-fn-mustache instead of formatString.

Format string

The Format string method evaluates the doT template given with the data supplied. This allows complex values to be constructed from values that exist in the flow's context.

Param Type Required Description
data object y The data to evaluate the template with. Use $ to access the entire context.
template string y The doT template being evaluated.

Format object

The Format object method is similar to the Format string method. It evaluates the doT template given with the data supplied. However the resulting string value is then JSON parsed. This allows the creation of JavaScript values and objects from the evaluated template.

Param Type Required Description
data object y The data to evaluate the template with. Use $ to access the entire context.
template string y The doT template being evaluated.

doT Templates

doT is a JavaScript templating engine. As well as template evaluation, it supports features such as conditionals and iteration.

In the template, it is used to refer to the data.


In the examples the Flow is going to be attached to an API that has three parameters, firstname, lastname and gender.

Basic interpolation {{= }}

The template can be used to quickly concatenate values.

Request http://localhost:8080/api/example?firstname=Clark&lastname=Kent&gender=m
data $
template {{=it.params.firstname}} {{=it.params.lastname}}
Output Clark Kent
Conditionals {{? }}

The template evaluation supports conditional logic to tailor the output based on the input.

Request http://localhost:8080/api/example?firstname=Clark&lastname=Kent&gender=m
data $
template Hello {{? it.gender=="m"}}Mr {{?}}{{? it.gender=="f"}}Ms {{?}}{{= it.surname}}
Output Hello Mr Kent
Request http://localhost:8080/api/example?firstname=Lois&lastname=Lane&gender=f
data $
template Hello {{? it.gender=="m"}}Mr {{?}}{{? it.gender=="f"}}Ms {{?}}{{= it.surname}}
Output Hello Ms Lane
Array Iteration {{~ }}

The template engine can also iterate over arrays, creating content for each element in the array.

Request http://localhost:8080/api/example?names=Tom,Dick,Harry
data $
template {{it.params.names :value:index}}{{=index}}={{=value}};{{}}
Output 0=Tom;1=Dick;2=Harry;

Getting started

  1. Follow the Getting Started Guide


After creating your API Builder service (api-builder init), you can install this plugin using npm:

npm install --no-optional @axway/api-builder-plugin-fn-dot

The "Compose" flow-node will then be available in the tools panel when creating or editing Flows.



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