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Getting Started

requires a node version >= 6 and an npm version >= 3.x.x

we do provide a help command to display all possible arguments

# Installs the Mango API
npm i @axelspringer/mango-ssr -g

# Starts the Mango API in Mock modus
mango-ssr --serve public --bundle public/vue-ssr-server-bundle.json -m public/vue-ssr-client-manifest.json -t public/index.html -w config/configs

Config File

You can use a mango.config.js file to configure the server-side-renderer. This config file contains all the available command line arguments. There is an example file in examples.

module.exports = {
  serve: 'public/',
  bundle: 'public/vue-ssr-server-bundle.json',
  manifest: 'public/vue-ssr-client-manifest.json',
  template: 'public/index.html',
  webpack: 'config/configs'


Plugins can be used to render general content on routes. You find an example in examples/rss to render an example RSS feed on localhost:3000/rss.

./bin/mango-ssr --config ./examples/rss/mango.config.js


most command line arguments have a reflection in environment variables, which allows it to be easily tested and developed in many environments


Displays all the available arguments

-c --config MANGO_CONFIG (string)

Provides the path to a mango.config.js file.

-s --serve MANGO_SERVE (string)

Sets the path to the folder of the static assets.

-b --bundle MANGO_BUNDLE (boolean)

Passes in the vue-ssr-server-bundle.json.

-m --manifest MANGO_PORT (string)

Passes in the vue-ssr-client-manifest.json.

-t --template MANGO_TEMPLATE (string)

Passes in the index.html as the template.

-w --webpack MANGO_WEBPACK (string)

Passes in the Webpack config to use.


all commands can be seen via npm run help

# Clone the repository
git clone https://github.com/axelspringer/mango

# Enter directory
cd mango/packages/ssr

# Start the local dev server
npm start

# To use your local version for development of other mango parts, run
npm link

Have fun!



If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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