Reusable components at AXA Healthcare switzerland.


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Reusable components at AXA Healthcare switzerland.

Installing a release

Install @axah/components using the following command:

yarn add @axah/components

Installing a PR build

When a PR is still open and you want to give it a try you can use a build created by Pika CI. Head to the Checks tab of your PR and select the Pika CI action where you find instructions on how to install the package built out of this PR.

Creating a release

Create a release on github and name the tag in the format vMAJOR.MINOR.PATCH and the github action in .github/workflows/publish.yml will take care of publishing the package to npm.

Note: As this technique currently updates the npm dist-tag latest to whatever release you create you should either not use this technique to cut a prerelease (i.e. using pattern vMAJOR.MINOR.PATCH-PRERELEASE.NUMBER) or a patch/minor version of an old major/minor OR fix the npm dist-tag afterwards using npm dist-tag @axah/components@<latest version> latest

Release notes

  • 9.0.0:
    • Major change: Only on the SplitButton. Parameter 'keys' changed to 'hotKeys'.
    • Minor change: SplitButton extended with new property 'hideHotKeys'.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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