The CDK Construct Library for AWS::ElasticLoadBalancing


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Amazon Elastic Load Balancing Construct Library

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The @aws-cdk/aws-elasticloadbalancing package provides constructs for configuring classic load balancers.

Configuring a Load Balancer

Load balancers send traffic to one or more AutoScalingGroups. Create a load balancer, set up listeners and a health check, and supply the fleet(s) you want to load balance to in the targets property.

declare const vpc: ec2.IVpc;
const lb = new elb.LoadBalancer(this, 'LB', {
  internetFacing: true,
  healthCheck: {
    port: 80,

declare const myAutoScalingGroup: autoscaling.AutoScalingGroup;
  externalPort: 80,

The load balancer allows all connections by default. If you want to change that, pass the allowConnectionsFrom property while setting up the listener:

declare const mySecurityGroup: ec2.SecurityGroup;
declare const lb: elb.LoadBalancer;
  externalPort: 80,
  allowConnectionsFrom: [mySecurityGroup],

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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