CDK Constructs to make it easier to build custom resources


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CDK Custom Resources

Custom Resources are CloudFormation resources that are implemented by arbitrary user code. They can do arbitrary lookups or modifications during a CloudFormation synthesis run.

You will typically use Lambda to implement a Construct implemented as a Custom Resource (though SNS topics can be used as well). Your Lambda function will be sent a CREATE, UPDATE or DELETE message, depending on the CloudFormation life cycle, and can return any number of output values which will be available as attributes of your Construct. In turn, those can be used as input to other Constructs in your model.

In general, consumers of your Construct will not need to care whether it is implemented in term of other CloudFormation resources or as a custom resource.

Note: when implementing your Custom Resource using a Lambda, use a SingletonLambda so that even if your custom resource is instantiated multiple times, the Lambda will only get uploaded once.


Sample of a Custom Resource that copies files into an S3 bucket during deployment (implementation of actual copy.py operation elided).

interface CopyOperationProps {
    sourceBucket: IBucket;
    targetBucket: IBucket;

class CopyOperation extends Construct {
    constructor(parent: Construct, name: string, props: DemoResourceProps) {
        super(parent, name);

        const lambdaProvider = new SingletonLambda(this, 'Provider', {
            uuid: 'f7d4f730-4ee1-11e8-9c2d-fa7ae01bbebc',
            code: new LambdaInlineCode(resources['copy.py']),
            handler: 'index.handler',
            timeout: 60,
            runtime: LambdaRuntime.Python3,

        new CustomResource(this, 'Resource', {
            properties: {
                sourceBucketArn: props.sourceBucket.bucketArn,
                targetBucketArn: props.targetBucket.bucketArn,

More examples are in the example directory, including an example of how to use the cfnresponse module that is provided for you by CloudFormation.


See the following section of the docs on details to write Custom Resources:

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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