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AwayJS Stage

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Interface for graphics module providing various outputs options to render. Contains context implementations for WebGL and Software (js) outputs, as well as a bridge option for external (native) rendering.


Official AwayJS Documentation

AwayJS Dependencies

  • core
  • graphics

Internal Structure

  • aglsl
    Shader classes for defining render instructions that can be consumed in a variety of ways

  • attributes
    Abstractions for attributes classes

  • base
    Interface API for rendering context, and enums for defining various render modes

  • events
    Event objects for stage classes

  • flash<br

    Context implementation for Flash (deprecated)

  • gles
    Context implementation for External GLES rendering

  • image

  • library

  • managers

  • software
    Context implementation for CPU software rendering

  • webgl
    Context implementation for WebGL rendering

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