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AwayJS Renderer

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Interface for scene and material modules, providing simpified rendering for complex heriarchies.


Official AwayJS Documentation

AwayJS Dependencies

  • core
  • graphics
  • scene
  • stage

Internal Structure

  • animators
    Data and renderer classes for shape animation functionality. (Data classes to be split into animation module)

  • elements
    Abstractions for elements classes (to be moved to stage module)

  • errors
    Error types

  • events
    Event objects for renderer classes

  • filters
    Data and renderer classes for global filter effects (Data classes to be split into scene module)

  • managers
    Render to Texture helper class (deprecated)

  • materials
    Abstractions for material classes

  • renderables
    Abstractions for renderable classes eg Billboard, LineSegment, Skybox (Shape to be moved to stage module)

  • shaders
    Data object for representing state and functionality of a shader (base classes to be moved to stage)

  • sort
    Merge sort classes acting on linked lists of renderables

  • textures
    Abstractions for texture classes (to be moved to stage module)

  • utils
    Helpers for particle animations

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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