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AwayJS Graphics

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Dependency for AwayJS applications requiring graphical output: contains data structures for shapes and textures, and interface descriptions for additional APIs such as material and animator data.


Official AwayJS Documentation

AwayJS Dependencies

  • core

Internal Structure

  • animators
    Interface APIs for animator classes

  • base
    Interface APIs for graphics dependents, and root classes for core graphics functionality

  • draw
    Drawing API for sequential stroke and fill drawing commands

  • elements
    Data classes for graphical elements such as triangle / line collections

  • events
    Events for graphics classes

  • image
    Image data wrappers for binary / compressed and 2D / Cubic images

  • managers
    (to be moved to materials module)

  • materials
    (to be moved to materials module)

  • parsers
    Library parsers for image classes

  • pick
    Collision object

  • textures
    Data classes for textures that wrap image data sources

  • utils
    Helper classes for Bitmap / Image conversion and / or generation

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