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AwayJS Core

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The root dependency for all AwayJS modules: contains basic data structures, loading mechanisms, event objects and utility functions useful for all types of rich media interface and interaction.


Official AwayJS Documentation

Internal Structure

  • attributes
    Data structures for interleaved or isolated binary data streams.

  • audio
    Data structures for audio (to be moved to its own audio module).

  • errors
    Error types.

  • events
    Event objects for core classes.

  • geom
    Geometric data structures.

  • image

  • library
    Asset loading and management APIs.

  • managers
    Managers for audio (to be moved to own audio module).

  • net
    URL Request APIs.

  • parsers
    Base classes for parsers API, possibly merge with library.

  • projections
    Projection APIs for general 2D / 3D projection.

  • ui
    Helper classes for interface interaction.

  • utils
    Binary data wrappers, helper classes for RAF and timers, Color and debug utils.

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