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Higher Order Mongo Avail Service that adds a mongoConnect method to your Avail Service. WithMongo is powered by the Mongodb core library


  npm i @availjs/avail-bunyan


AvailMongo exposes a Higher Order Service function called WithMongo. WithMongo takes a Mongo Connection String and returns an Avail Constructor. By default WithMongo will use the Avail class as it's base class, but takes a Base Class as it's second parameter.

  const {Avail} = require('@availjs/avail');
  const {WithMongo} = require('@availjs/avail-mongo');
  class MyAvailService extends Avail {}
  const connectionString = 'mongodb://';
  // pass in to the Constructor Factory
  const MyAvailServiceConstructor = WithMongo(connectionString, MyAvailService);
  const myAvailService = new MyAvailServiceConstructor('MyAvailService');
  // or pass in the connectionString when calling mongoConnect()
  assert(typeof myAvailService.mongoConnect, 'function');
  // or you can use the static helper OrchestrateWithMongo to connect to mongo as a 
  // part of the Avail init() function
  const MyMongoServiceConstructor = WithMongo();
  // @NOTE:  that OrchestrateMongo does not fire the ON_CONNECT and ON_CONNECT_ERROR events
  const myMongoService = MyMongoServiceConstructor.OrchestrateMongo(connectionString);

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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