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Yeoman generator

Getting Started

If you don't know Yeoman go read up on it here or just follow the instructions below, what's the worse that can happen!?


Check if you have yeoman installed with yo --version if not use this:

npm install -g yo

We will soon be updating this package to use npm private modules but for now install using the following

npm install -g @authmaker/generator-express

Create the folder that you want to be a project, cd into that folder and run the following:

yo @authmaker/express

Available generators

The default generator will get you started with a boilerplate application. Once you have that application up and running you can use some of the following commands to add key features

Test System

to be documented

Background Tasks

yo @authmaker/express:background-tasks

The background tasks system uses Kue and allows you to have a new file per each job type available in your system.

You will also be asked if you want to add a cron system which will use node-cron. This is intended to allow you to create Kue tasks at regular intervals.


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