React Inline Edit Kit


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React Inline Edit Kit

An assortment of common HTML form elements, editable in-line the React way.

Try out the demo and see what it looks like.


npm install @attently/riek --save-dev


yarn add @attently/riek --dev

Use --save-dev because you don't want to build and pack JS/CSS in production


Import the library:

import { RIEToggle, RIEInput, RIETextArea, RIENumber, RIETags, RIESelect } from '@attently/riek'
import _ from 'lodash'

Suppose we want to be able to edit title of a Task and send changes to server. Here is a Task stored flat inside of our parent React component:

this.state = {
  id: 1,
  title: 'Cover with tests',
  completed: false

Now we need a function which will send the single altered { key: value } and upsert local state. You can implement it inside of your flux/redux/mobx store:

const httpTaskCallback = (task) => {
    .end((err, res) => {
      if (!err) return this.setState({ ...task })
      // Handle HTTP error

Meanwhile, there is a simple Express handler on our API server:

app.use('/api/task/:id', async (req, res) => {
  // req.body will equal to { title: 'A new title' }
  const { id } = req.params
  await Task.update({ ...req.body }).where({ id })

Finally, in our render method, we add a minimal RIEInput:

  validate={_.isString} />

...repeat the last step, adding a Riek component for any object property we wish to edit.

Components come unstyled, so take a look at demo.jsx for examples.

Common props


  • value: initial prop value
  • propName: name of the prop to return to the change function
  • change: function which will receive a plain object with a single key, provided in propName


  • editing: editing state, to change editing state programmatically
  • validate: validator function, returning a boolean
  • shouldBlockWhileLoading: disables editing until a new value is confirmed by parent
  • shouldRemainWhileInvalid: remain in editing mode if validation fails
  • shouldStartEditOnDoubleClick: start editing mode on click if false or on double click if true, default : false
  • defaultProps: Additional props for idle component.


  • classLoading: CSS class name to use when loading
  • classEditing: CSS class name to apply while in editing mode
  • classInvalid: CSS class name to apply when validate returned false
  • className: CSS base class
  • editProps: Additional props for the editing component. This allows you to, for example, specify a maxLength attribute to control the maximum number of characters in the textarea, or add style.
  • selectAll: Default true. When editing, select all the input's contents if true, otherwise simply focus()


  • beforeStart: Fires before editing starts
  • afterStart: Fires after editing starts
  • beforeFinish: Fires before editing ends, before validations
  • afterFinish: Fires after editing ends, after validations

Component-specific props


  • format: custom formatting function, returns formatted string


  • rows: rows property on textarea tag while editing
  • cols: rows property on textarea tag while editing


  • options: an array of objects containing values and text for select options
    <RIESelect ... options={[
    {id: '1', text: 'one'},
    {id: '2', text: 'two'},
    {id: '3', text: 'three'}
    ]} />


The build process does not work with Node v6 at the moment: use Node Version Manager, or just plain Node v5.6.0.

  1. Clone this repo locally, run npm i
  2. Make your changes
  3. Do npm run build to compile the lib and demo
  4. Open index.html and check if it works
  5. Open JS console in browser, set localStorage.debug = '*' to see debug messages, add more if necessary
  6. ???
  7. Submit a pull request

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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