ATLauncher's babel preset.


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This is the babel preset to use for all JavaScript based projects using Babel at ATLauncher.


To install simply run:

npm install --save-dev @atlauncher/babel-preset-atlauncher

And then create (or replace) a .babelrc file in the root directory of your project with the following contents:

  "presets": ["@atlauncher/babel-preset-atlauncher"]


An important step towards building is to provide a FINAL_ENVIRONMENT environment variable when running babel to build.

Setting this to a value of node or simply leaving it out, will build for a NodeJS environment.

Setting it to browser will ensure that it's built with our browserlist in mind.

You should also always make sure to pass through the NODE_ENV environment variable for the appropriate environment that you're building in, so that correct optimisations are made.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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