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[WARNING] This package is deprecated. We recommend using @atlaskit/theme package instead.

Please follow @atlaskit/theme migration guide for migration to @atlaskit/theme package in your project.

This package provides you with the ADG colors & typography in a programmatic way.

You can either use the less files by importing them via

@import "~@atlaskit/util-shared-styles/src/colors.less";
@import "~@atlaskit/util-shared-styles/src/fonts.less";

.myclass {
  color: @ak-color-R100;
  font-family: @ak-font-family;

or use them within JS via

import {
  akColorN500 as defaultColor,
  akColorR500 as highlightColor,
  akFontFamily as fontFamily
} from "@atlaskit/util-shared-styles";

* Please note that this module could have dependencies that are governed by the Atlassian Design Guidelines license which will be automatically included on install. Each dependency has a license file that indicates whether the Atlassian Design Guidelines license applies.

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