CSS classes which provide styling for a reduced number of Atlaskit components.


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Reduced UI Pack

This package exports a CSS file which includes some CSS classes that provide styling for a reduced number of Atlaskit components.

There is also an icon SVG sprite sheet included. See the "Try it out" section below for usage instructions.


npm install reduced-ui-pack

Make sure you're also including the css-reset stylesheet before these styles. The css-reset stylesheet provides the core typography rules which reduced-ui-pack builds upon. Install it with:

npm install @atlaskit/css-reset

Using the component


The reduced-ui-pack package can be consumed via the dist, or in Webpack.

Importing in Webpack

import 'reduced-ui-pack';

The Webpack style loader should then place the CSS within the HEAD of your HTML element.

Importing in HTML

    <!-- ... -->

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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