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Moving to Nav v3

Atlassian is moving to a new navigation experience, which includes horizontal global navigation, and re-built navigation components to replace navigation-next.

For a guide on how to upgrade from navigation-next to the new navigation components, follow this guide on the atlaskit website.


These are entrypoints for specific components to be used carefully by the consumers. If you're using one of these entrypoints we are assuming you know what you are doing. So it means that code-splitting and tree-shaking should be done on the consumer/product side.

How to use it

import LayoutManagerWithViewController from '@atlaskit/navigation-next/LayoutManagerWithViewController';

Exposed entrypoints

  • atlaskit/navigation-next/LayoutManagerWithViewController
  • atlaskit/navigation-next/ItemsRenderer
  • atlaskit/navigation-next/SkeletonContainerView
  • atlaskit/navigation-next/NavigationProvider
  • atlaskit/navigation-next/AsyncLayoutManagerWithViewController
  • atlaskit/navigation-next/GlobalNavigationSkeleton
  • atlaskit/navigation-next/view-controller
  • atlaskit/navigation-next/ui-controller

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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