A Firebase-admin service for @atlas.js


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A Firebase-admin service for @atlas.js.


npm i @atlas.js/firebase


import { Atlas } from '@atlas.js/atlas'
import * as Firebase from '@atlas.js/firebase'

const atlas = new Atlas({
  config: {
    services: {
      firebase: {
        name: 'my-fb-dev',
        // The path, relative to `root`, to the Firebase's credential JSON file
        // you got from the Admin UI
        credential: 'path/to/credential.json',
        // Alternatively, this can be an object which goes directly to
        // `Admin.credential.cert()`:
        credential: {},
        // Your Firebase database URL
        databaseURL: 'my-fb-dev.firebaseio.com',
atlas.service('firebase', Firebase.Service)
await atlas.start()

// Your firebase app is now available here:

// ie.
const users = await atlas.services.firebase.database()


See the LICENSE file for information.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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