AWS SDK service for @atlas.js


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AWS SDK service for @atlas.js.


npm i @atlas.js/aws


import * as aws from '@atlas.js/aws'
import { Atlas } from '@atlas.js/atlas'

const atlas = new Atlas({
  config: {
    services: {
      myaws: {
        // These options are applied to all services which will be initialised.
        // You can put stuff like `accessKeyId` and `secretAccessKey` or
        // `region` in here.
         globals: {
           accessKeyId: 'my-aws-id',
           secretAccessKey: 'such-secret'

         // For all the keys in this object, the AWS service of that name will
        //  be initialised.
        // The config for each service is passed directly to that service's constructor, so consult the AWS SDK documentation to see what you can use here.
         services: {
           // ie. this will go to `new AWS.S3(/* here */)`
           s3: {
             Bucket: 'so-bucket',
           // These services will be initialised simply because they have a configuration
           // object defined here
           cloudwatch: {},
           lambda: {},

atlas.service('myaws', aws.Service)
await atlas.start()
// myaws has all the configured services


See the LICENSE file for information.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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