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This is the standalone AsyncAF package for AsyncAfWrapper.

AsyncAfWrapper is one option for cherry-picking only the AsyncAF methods you'd like to use in your code, rather than pulling in the entire AsyncAF library (A.K.A. async-af).

For more information:


Say you only want to use mapAF, filterAF, forEachAF, and logAF instead of pulling in the entire AsyncAF library.

First, install the separate packages (e.g., for npm):

$ npm install--save @async-af/{wrapper,map,filter,foreach,log}

Or, if you're on Windows npm install --save @async-af/wrapper @async-af/map @async-af/filter @async-af/includes @async-af/every @async-af/indexof @async-af/some @async-af/reduce @async-af/join @async-af/log

Then import the packages:

import AsyncAF from '@async-af/wrapper'; // aliasing 'AsyncAfWrapper' as 'AsyncAF'
import mapAF from '@async-af/map';
import filterAF from '@async-af/filter';
import forEachAF from '@async-af/foreach';
import logAF from '@async-af/log';

If you'd like to save some vertical screen real estate and cut the imports down to one line, see Wrapper/Use: Too Many 🤬 Imports!?

Now call use, including all prototype methods you'd like to add to AsyncAfWrapper's prototype in the first argument, prototypeMethods and all static methods you'd like to add to AsyncAfWrapper in the second optional argument, staticMethods

AsyncAF.use({ // prototype methods go in the first argument
}, { // static methods go in the second argument

Ready to go!

const promises = [1, 2, 3].map(n => Promise.resolve(n));

AsyncAF(promises).mapAF(n => n * 2).filterAF(n => n !== 4).forEachAF(n => console.log(n));
// logs 2 then 6

// @filename.js:24:9:
//  [ 1, 2, 3 ]
// in 0.003 secs

protip: you can use the same technique to add your own custom prototype or static methods to AsyncAfWrapper or even to the main AsyncAF class; see use for an example.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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