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Clock shows the current date and time, and optional AOS and LOS timers. It will typically be positioned on the Global Status Bar.


Web Components Usage

1. Installation

Install the Astro UXDS Clock package via Command Line (Preferred Method)

npm i --save @astrouxds/rux-clock

You may use Yarn, NPM, or your Node package manager of choice. The --save flag adds this component as a dependency in your package.json file.

Alternatively, download the Astro UXDS Component Library source to your project.

Via CLI:

git clone https://github.com/RocketCommunicationsInc/astro-components.git

Or, download the Astro UXDS Components as a .zip

2. Import the Astro Clock Web Component

This example assumes you're using the NPM package in node_modules. Otherwise, import the component using the path to the Astro Components directory in your project.

import { RuxClock } from '@astrouxds/rux-clock/rux-clock.js'

3. Render the Astro Clock Web Component

Apply properties as attributes of the Astro Clock custom element:

<rux-clock timezone="Pacific/Guam" hideTimezone hideDate small></rux-clock>

Define AOS and LOS with valid Unix Time Stamp or ISO 8601 Datetime String and apply via aos and los attributes on the component:

<rux-clock aos="1557503698781" los="2019-05-10T16:21:12.000Z" small></rux-clock>


Property Type Default Required Description
aos String No When supplied with a valid date string or value displays a timestamp labeled "AOS" next to the standard clock.
los String No When supplied with a valid date string or value, displays a timestamp labeled "LOS" next to the standard clock.
timezone String 'UTC' No Accepts the IANA timezone string format such as 'America/Los_Angeles' or any single-character designation for a military timezones ('A' through 'Z', excluding 'J'), both case-insensitive. If no value for timezone is provided, the clock will use 'UTC'. See toLocaleString() on MDN for more details.
hideTimezone Boolean false No Hides the timezone in the main 24-hour clock. Timezone does not display on AOS/LOS.
hideDate Boolean false No Hides the day of the year.
small Boolean false No Applies a smaller clock style. Previously compact

Revision History

  • Added moment.js for date/time calculations, fixing Day of Year count error at EOD
  • Added the 24 military timezone designations
  • Renamed compact property to small
  • Swapped kebab-cased hide-timezone and hide-date attributes for standard camelCase hideTimezone and hideDate
  • Fixed duplicated aria-labelledby value when using AOS and/or LOS.
  • Removed locale property. All time displays assume us-EN locale.
  • Replaced Polymer 3 implementation with LitElement for improved speed and interoperability with JS Frameworks as well as simpler template declaration now available in vanilla JavaScript.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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