Baccarat Score Board Calculator


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Baccarat ScoreBoard Calculator

Currently this only works with CommonJS;


const input: ReadonlyArray<string> = [] // Data input;
const board = ScoreBoard.fromRawData(input);
const bigRoad = board.getBigRoad(6, 42);

for (let row = 0; row < bigRoad.rowCount; row++) {
  for (let column = 0; column < bigRoad.columnCount; column++) {
    const item: RoundResult | undefined = bigRoad.getItem(row, column);
    // Do whatever you want with item data;

// Or you can use with an iteration handler
bigRoad.forEach((item, rowIndex, columnIndex) =>
  // Do whatever you want with item data;
  global.console.log(`[${rowIndex}, ${columnIndex}]:`, item),

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