Common components and utilities for Artifacter


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Common components and utilities for Artifacter

What's this? - Intro

This module only contains common components and utilities for Artifacter, but you can use it on your own project/application if you like them, these only depends on reflect-metadata at the moment. For now it is very tiny.

What's in here? - API


Class for containing a string "reference", for example, you can pass an instance of this class through methods and work with the "same" string. Strings are inmutable, so keeping a var back-reference through a stack of methods is impossible, but if you pass this reference and work with the contained string, you can save a lot of additional code if you do a heavy string work. It also provides basic methods for string manipulation, not all but a few. Feel free to submit pull requests for additional methods you may require.


Class with static util methods for string handling


Class with static util methods for number handling


Handles Metadata Decorators accessing keys and also provides an utility static method for retrieval of @RestService metadata information


Enum used to identify types of Rest Methods (HTTP), such as POST, GET, PUT, DELETE


Utility class handling static instances of different ContentTypes used by the @RestService decorator

Metadata Decorators (Annotations)
Annotation Description Usage
@RestService Tags a public method as a Rest Service and specifies its metadata (http method, path, content types for request and response) Used by @artifacter/worker
@PipeFunction Tags a public method as a Pipe Function Used by @artifacter/template-engine
@TemplateFunction Tags a public method as a Template Function Used by @artifacter/template-engine

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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