Tiniest of tiny base64 uid generators


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Tiniest of tiny base64 uid generators. Teeny-tiny browser version included, only 624 bytes.


tinygen :: Number -> String


  • Number len
    Desired length of id. Defaults to 16.


  • String id
    A base64 random uid.
const tinygen = require('@articulate/tinygen')

tinygen()   // => "K4UP_gkFtzHMt5TN"
tinygen(32) // => "4Z65y6VjtIaid-PpG6eSnzJ5P7lZwoNI"


To publish a new version, just:

yarn version
npm publish --access public

You will be prompted for a new version number, the package will be rebuilt, and the tag pushed to git before publishing to npm. The second step is required until #1694 is resolved.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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