Proper validation of JWT's against JWK's


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Proper validation of JWT's against JWK's.


The process of validating JWT's against JWK's is quite involved, but at the end of the day, you probably have an auth server with a /.well-known/openid-configuration endpoint, and you just want to know if an incoming JWT is valid. End of story. You don't want to fumble with parsing the JWT, matching kid values, converting certs, or caching JWK's.

Now you don't need to. Initialize authentic with an issWhitelist, and you'll receive a function that accepts a JWT and validates it. The rest is handled for you.


authentic :: { k: v } -> String -> Promise Boom { k: v }

Initialize authentic with an options object containing an issWhitelist array listing the token.payload.iss values you will accept. For example:

Provider Sample issWhitelist
Auth0 [ 'https://${tenant}.auth0.com/' ]
Okta [ 'https://${tenant}.oktapreview.com/oauth2/${appName}' ]

Note: The urls in the list need to be exact matches of the payload.iss values in your JWT's.

You'll receive a unary function which takes a JWT and returns a Promise that resolves with the parsed JWT payload if it is valid, or rejects with a 401 Boom error if it is invalid.

const authentic = require('@articulate/authentic')({
  issWhitelist: JSON.parse(process.env.ISS_WHITELIST)

const handler = req =>
    .then(/* the JWT has been validated */)


authentic accepts a JSON object with the following options:

  • jwks Object: options to forward to node-jwks-rsa with the following defaults:
option default
cache true
rateLimit true
  • verify Object: options to forward to jwt.verify from jsonwebtoken
  • issWhitelist Array: list of trusted OIDC issuers
  • claimsInError Array: list of jwt payload claims to receive as the data propery of the error when verification fails. When a list is not provided a data property will not be added to the error.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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