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downloads a MongoDB release zip/tgz from MongoDB


$ npm install --global mongodb-download
$ mongodb-download --version=3.0.6


let {MongoDBDownload} = require('mongodb-download');

let mongoDBDownload: any = new MongoDBDownload({});

mongoDBDownload.download().then((downloadLocation: string) => {
  console.log(`Downloaded MongoDB: ${downloadLocation}`);
}, (err: any) => {
  throw err;

if you don't specify arch or platform args it will use require('os') to get them from the current OS.


version (optional)

MongoDB version to download, "latest" is by default

arch (optional)

32 or 64 bit version architecture, possible values: ia32 or x64

platform (optional)

Target platform of a download, possible values: "win32", "darwin", "osx", "linux" or "elementary OS"

downloadDir (optional)

Download path

http (optional)

Additional options that are going to be passed to http library, such as "agent".

let {MongoDBDownload} = require('mongodb-download');
let httpsProxyAgent = require('https-proxy-agent');

var proxyUrl = "https://localhost:3128";
var proxyAgent = new httpsProxyAgent(proxy_url);

let mongoDBDownload: any = new MongoDBDownload({
  version: '3.0.6',
  http: {
    agent: proxyAgent

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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