cloud function workflows implemented as npm scripts for creating, deploying, working offline and more


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Workflows for creating, deploying, working offline and more with AWS Lambda


npm i @architect/workflows

This makes the following npx commands available:

  • config looks for .arc-config files in all lambdas and ensures corosponding AWS Lambda deployment targets config is in sync; currently only timeout and memory supported
  • create reads the .arc file in the current working directory and generates corosponding local code and AWS infra (if it does not already exist)
  • deploy deploys lambdas in src and syncs s3 buckets
  • dns sets up custom domains with API Gateway
  • env read and write environment variables to all lambdas defined by .arc
  • help get some help
  • hydrate runs npm i in all lambdas; hydrate update runs npm update in all lambdas
  • inventory read/verify infra defined by .arc; inventory nuke deletes all infra except dynamodb tables; ARC_NUKE=tables inventory nuke deletes tables
  • sandbox runs .arc locally with an in-memory database; ARC_LOCAL=yas NODE_ENV=staging sandbox runs locally but uses dynamodb staging tables

To see more examples try running:

npx help

Learn more

Full docs found at https://arc.codes

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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