A module for creating timers


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A module for timing events. Relies on process.hrtime().


npm install --save @aptoma/timer


var timer = require('@aptoma/timer');
var elapsed = timer('MyTimer');
// do stuff
// { name: 'MyEvent',
//   summary: 'MyEvent: 11495.606ms',
//   msec: 11495.605854,
//   hrtime: [11, 495605854]
// }

Under the hood, timer() simply records the current hrtime, and then calculates the diff whenever elapsed() is called.

The name you pass to timer() can be any valid string, and will be used in the name and summary fields of the return value of elapsed().

The name does not have to be unique, you can create as many timers as you like with the same name.

elapsed() does not stop the timer, it can be called multiple times to track various offsets from the start time.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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