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Setup (callbacks are the same object used with AppBoostrap.setup()).

 let callbacks = {
    onMinVersionNotSatifies: (version) => {
        alert("Você deve atualizar sua versão agora! Por favor recarregue a página, se a mensagem continuar, limpe o cache do navegador.");
    onNewVersion: (version) => {
        alert('Bem vindo à nova versão!');
    onUncaughtError: (e) => {
        alert("Houve um erro inesperado e os programadores responsáveis já foram avisados. \n\n Detalhes técnicos: " + e.message);

  AMActions.setup(storage, callbacks);


Working with offline and sync data

When you want to save some record, JUST ON CACHE, call saveObjectCache() otherwise saveObject(). It will save the record just locally, on cache.


To check for offline data: 
action.hasSyncData - tell you if have some local record
action.getCountSyncData - will return the count of local records


To get that records:
action.getSyncData - will return all local records


After you sync your data, you can clean offline records:
action.deleteSyncData (dispatch) - will remove all local record (after you sync)

Change Log

Check all changes on changelog.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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