A Swiss Army Knife to work with mongoose that easy find and cache data


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On you schema files add:

const mongooseIt = require('@app-masters/mongoose-it').mongooseIt;   

... your schema declaration ...   

var mongooseSchema = mongoose.Schema(schema, options);
var model = mongoose.model('user', mongooseSchema);

It will start mongoose to that model adding some new methods:

  • findIt()
  • findItOne()
  • findItById()
  • findItAndUpdate()
  • findItOneAndUpdate()
  • exists()

If you want to use cache:

  • findItCache()
  • findItOneCache()
  • findItByIdCache()
  • findItOneAndUpdateCache()

To work will whole schema cache:

  • flushAll()
  • cacheAll()
  • getAllCache()

To use with and model object instance:

  • getCacheKey()
  • cacheIt()


Uses node-cache to store and retrieve data from memory.


Internally used to provide cache methods to yours models.


Some mongoose useful functions to easy our work.

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