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Role Based Access Control Lists

Disclaimer: this is a work in progress based on typeorm which is also a work in progress


import {Types, Permissions, Resources, Roles, Groups, Principals, entities} from '@any4/acl'
import {createConnection} from 'typeorm'
import 'reflect-metadata'

createConnection({type: 'sqlite', database: ':memory:', entities}).then(async connection => {
  await connection.transaction(em => em.getCustomRepository(Roles)
    .assert('pirate', [{permission: 'drink', type: 'liquor'}, {permission: 'plunder', type: 'booty'}]))
  await connection.transaction(em => em.getCustomRepository(Groups)
    .add('spirit', [{resource: 'rum', type: 'liquor'}]))
  await connection.transaction(em => em.getCustomRepository(Groups)
    .add('cash', [{resource: 'doubloons', type: 'booty'}, {resource: 'reales', type: 'booty'}]))
  await connection.transaction(em => em.getCustomRepository(Principals)
    .grant('jack-sparrow', [{role: 'pirate', group: 'spirit'}, {role: 'pirate', group: 'cash'}]))

  await connection.transaction(em => em.getCustomRepository(Principals)
    .check('jack-sparrow', 'drink', 'liquor', 'rum'))
  await connection.transaction(em => em.getCustomRepository(Principals)
    .check('jack-sparrow', 'plunder', 'booty', 'doubloons'))

Library for implementing access control lists. There are 5 main domain models supporting authorization: types, resources, groups (which aggregate resources), permissions, and roles (which aggregate permissions). Resources and permissions are each namespaced within a type, so for example, permission 'eat' over type 'veggies' and permission 'eat' over type 'hot-dogs' are in fact two different permissions. For a principal to be allowed a permission over a resource, the principal must be granted a role with this permission over a group which contains this resource. Naturally, if a user is granted eat permission for type veggies he will not be permitted to eat resource cheese-dog of type hot-dogs. You may create types, permissions and resources explicitly or you can assert permissions into roles and add resources into groups and they'll be created if they do not exist

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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