Anvilabs' ESLint config for our Typescript codebases


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Anvilabs' ESLint config for our Typescript codebases.


This config relies dangerously on npm@3/yarn flatter tree for its dependencies (because of eslint/issues/3458), so installation may be as simple as:

$ yarn add eslint prettier @anvilabs/eslint-config @anvilabs/eslint-config-typescript --dev
# or
$ npm install eslint prettier @anvilabs/eslint-config @anvilabs/eslint-config-typescript --save-dev

Then add the extends to your .eslintrc.js:

module.exports = {
  extends: ['@anvilabs/eslint-config', '@anvilabs/eslint-config-typescript' /* and maybe '@anvilabs/eslint-config-typescript/react' or '@anvilabs/eslint-config-typescript/react-native' */],
  rules: {
    // your overrides

Additional configs include:

  • '@anvilabs/eslint-config-typescript/react' for usage with React
  • '@anvilabs/eslint-config-typescript/react-native' for usage with React Native


MIT License © Anvilabs LLC

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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