A small JavaScript EventEmitter for people who need something samll and easy to mange


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Another JavaScript event emitter cause we do not have enough.

I really did not have a particular reason for creating this event emitter. I guess the only 'advantage' this emitter has

npm i @andre_garvin/spark --save

This is same as event emitter for the 'events' module in node

const spark = require('@andre_garvin/spark')
const emitter = new spark()

emitter.on('message', msg => {

emitter.once('crash', err => {

emitter.emit('message', 'Hello, World!')

emitter.emit('crash', 'There is a error')

on: receives the messages being emitted.

emitter.on('event-name', data => console.log)

emit: emits a message or messages to a given event name. You can also pass in multiple arguments be sent to the subscriber of the event that it is being emitted.

emitter.emit('event-name', 'event')
emitter.emit('event-name', [1,2,'bar'], { msg: 'hello, wolrd' }, true, foo(), 17329)

slince: Turns off a event from receiving messages.

// This will do no more harm to anyone anymore

once: Same a the on method but will only receive the emitted message once.
all: Receives messages from specified event names.

// Pass a array of the event names
emitter.all(['hello', 'foo', 'bar'], msg => {

// or you can pass in '*' to get all events
emitter.all('*', msg => {

To see further examples view the test I set up, I believe sometimes it can be very helpful to understand most projects is by reading the test if the documentation is not up to pare.


Hell the why not ? If I make missing spelling or grammar mistakes go a head send a PR on my mistakes.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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