Handles notification via email and SMS


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Anabode Notification service

Handles notification via email and SMS


Accepts a Key/Value object with Key as search parameter and value as the replace value in a template fetched from S3


Send SMS

var Notifier = require('@anabode/shared_worker_notification');
var notifier = new Notifier({}, conf.notifier);

  var smsBody = {
      body: "Hello", // 
      phone: 4477777777, // Required - must be in integer format and omitting the first 00 || + 
      sender: "Anabode" // will be shown on device as `from` some networks may not display this properly 
    notifier.sendSMSMultiPurpose(smsBody, (e, d) => {
      if (e) {
          return reject(e);
      else {
          return resolve(_input);

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