Helper for environment variables in node.


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Helper library to manage environment variables.


npm install --save @ambassify/load-env


Will throw an error when the environment variable is not set and no default is specified.

const load_env = require('@ambassify/load-env');
const NODE_ENV = load_env('NODE_ENV', 'production');


load_env(variableName, [defaultValue])
  • variableName: The environment variable to load.
  • defaultValue: The default value when an environment variable is not set.


Create a load_env function that looks for prefixed environment variables and falls back to unprefixed version. If you do not provide a prefix, it will try to generate one using the closest package.json's name field.

const withPrefix = require('@ambassify/load-env/with-prefix');
const load_env = withPrefix();

// assuming package.json with: { "name": "@acme/foo-bar" }
// and: process.env.FOO_BAR_NODE_ENV = production
// and: process.env.NODE_ENV = staging
// <-- "production"


If you have some issue or code you would like to add, feel free to open a Pull Request or Issue and we will look into it as soon as we can.


We are releasing this under a MIT License.

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