Backoff strategies for retrying things like HTTP requests.


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Backoff strategies for retrying things like HTTP requests.


npm install --save @ambassify/backoff-strategies


Strategies are attached to the default import of this package and can be accessed using.

Every strategy will return a new function that accepts the amount of attempts that were previously executed as its only parameter and returns the matching delay.

const { exponential, linear } = require('@ambassify/backoff-strategies');

// Usage:
const linearDelayGenerator = linear(50);
linearDelayGenerator(0); // 0
linearDelayGenerator(1); // 50
linearDelayGenerator(2); // 100



function constant(delay) {}

f(x) = delay

Always returns the same delay, no matter how many attempts are passed in.


function linear(delay) {}

f(x) = x * delay

The delay shows linear growth for every attempt.


function exponential(delay, factor = 2) {}

f(x) = (factor ^ (x - 1)) * delay (exception: f(0) = 0)

The delay shows exponential growth by a specific factor

binary exponential

function binaryExponential(delay) {}

f(x) = random(0, ((2 ^ x) − 1)) * delay

The delay shows binary exponential growth as explained here


We really appreciate any contribution you would like to make, so don't hesitate to report issues or submit pull requests.


This project is released under a MIT license.

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