Platform 6 Node.js client


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Platform 6 Node.js Client

Platform 6 Node.js client

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This repository is a Platform 6 client aiming to help the development a service in JavaScript. It exposes, among others, methods to facilitate the communication with a Platform 6 instance.


Platform 6 client depends on:

Installing the client

The following command installs Platform 6 client as a Node.js dependency:

$ npm install --save @amalto/platform6-client

Using the client

Demo project

You can find an example of a service using this library here.


We rely on the library debug for debugging.

To display the logs of Platform 6, set the DEBUG environment variable like this:

$ DEBUG=platform6:* node index.js

To filter the logs, please refer to the documentation of debug.


You will find the documentation of the methods exposed in the section API.

Release notes

Please refer to changelog to see the descriptions of each release.


MIT © Platform 6

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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