Asset Management as a Service (AMaaS) Software Development Kit (SDK) for JavaScript


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AMaaS Core SDK for JavaScript

This is the Asset Management as a Service (AMaaS) Software Development Kit (SDK) for JavaScript. This module can be used in Node.js (version >= 4.0) and in browsers.

What is AMaaS?

AMaaS is a modular platform for Asset Managers with an open, RESTful API for programmatic access to its functionality.

AMaaS Core features a secure, encrypted database, which serves as the foundation for asset management platforms and FinTech solutions. AMaaS also provides portfolio visualizations and analytics through AMaaS Web, and exception management & financial event notification through AMaaS Monitor.


Get the full documentation here.


import { api } from '@amaas/amaas-core-sdk-js'

const options = {
  stage: 'dev' | 'staging' | 'production',
  apiVersion: 'v1.0'

Available versions:

  1. Dev and staging
  • v1.0
  1. Production
  • sg1.0

Numbers in the AMaaS Core SDK for JavaScript

Numbers are handled by the decimal.js package. All numbers in the classes are stored as Decimal instances. For a full list of functions available on these numbers please refer to the decimal.js documentation.

Common functions

Note that the decimal.js functions return Decimal instances and are immutable (you will need to assign results of arithmetic operations to new variables).

let x = new Decimal(5)
let y = new Decimal(10)

const a = x.plus(y) // a = 15, x = 5
const b = x.times(y) // b = 50
const c = y.minus(x) // c = 5
const d = y.dividedBy(x) // d = 2

Converting a Decimal to a string

let x = new Decimal(3.14)

const a = x.toFixed(5) // a = '3.14000'
const b = x.toPrecision(5) // b = '3.1400'


Install dependencies:

$ npm install

Running tests that do not require API access

$ npm test -- 'src\/(?!utils)'

Running full tests (requires authentication)

$ npm test

Authentication requires a username and password. This is currently restricted to AMaaS employees - unauthenticated users may test and contribute to non-API functionality.


If you would like to contribute, please fork the repo and send in a pull request.


For support with the SDKs, please raise issues on GitHub. The AMaaS team can be contacted at support@amaas.com. Customers who have purchased a support plan can find the contact details within AMaaS Admin.


Apache License

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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