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Sayonara, config

A zero-config toolkit for JavaScript and TypeScript projects.

Currently this toolkit includes:

  • Project initialization (npm init, git init, .editorconfig, etc.)
  • Linting via ESLint+Prettier
  • Auto formatting via Prettier
  • Jest as a test runner
  • TypeScript support
  • JSDoc support


Sayonara, config has multiple sets of configuration suitable for different types of project.

  • node-app - Node.js app
  • node-app-ts - TypeScript Node.js app
  • node-library - Node.js library
  • browser-library - a library meant to be used on the client
  • universal-library - a library meant to be used on both the client and the server
  • npm-package - prepare project for publish on NPM
  • ts-ready - a typechecked JS library with index.d.ts built
  • preact-app-ts - a TypeScript Preact App

Multiple sets are allowed.

Just run in the project directory:

npx @alex7kom/sayonara-config node-library npm-package

It will install all the needed dependencies and project boilerplate. It will also remember installed sets so the next time you upgrade Sayonara, config you'll just need to run:



Commands exposed via NPM scripts:

  • lint - lint *.js and *.ts files in /src directory
  • pretty - pretty *.js and *.ts files in /src
  • test - run Jest on *.test.js(x) and *.test.ts(x) files in /src
  • build - run build tools where applicable



If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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