JavaScript sidecar helper for communicating with a Prana style sidecar app


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JavaScript sidecar helper for communicating with a Prana style sidecar app


npm install @aftonbladet/sidecare --save


To get a configuration value from the configuration server:

import get from '@aftonbladet/sidecare';

(async () => {
    console.log('Configuration value for "foo.bar"', await get('foo.bar'));

The key passed along to get will be translated into an environment variable by replacing all .s with _s and uppercasing it (e.g FOO_BAR). If the environment variable is not found the configuration server value with the exact key (e.g foo.bar) will be returned. If no configuration is found, undefined is returned. Environment variables wrapped in brackets will be converted to arrays (split by comma).

It will use the environment variable BOXFUSE_APP as service and BOXFUSE_ENV as profile (along with default.


  1. Optional step (if not logged in already): ./npm login --registry=https://registry.npmjs.org/ --scope=@aftonbladet
  2. npm install

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E.g if you are on version 1.0.4 and run:

npm version minor

Travis will publish 1.1.0 on npmjs.org for you.

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