Customizable material style switch


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Customizable material switch for react-native



npm install react-native-material-switch

Usage example

var Switch = require('react-native-material-switch');

var Application = React.createClass({
  render: function() {
    return (
        <Switch onChangeState={(state)=>{alert(state)}}/>


  • active (Boolean) - Initial switch state (default: false),
  • style (Object) - Styles for outer container (margins, ...),
  • inactiveButtonColor (String) - Button color (default: '#2196F3'),
  • inactiveButtonPressedColor (String) (default: '#42A5F5'),
  • activeButtonColor (String) (default: '#FAFAFA'),
  • activeButtonPressedColor (String) (default: '#F5F5F5'),
  • buttonShadow (Object) - Shadow style for button (default: { shadowColor: '#000', shadowOpacity: 0.5, shadowRadius: 1, shadowOffset: { height: 1, width: 0 }},
  • activeBackgroundColor (String) - (default: 'rgba(255,255,255,.5)'),
  • inactiveBackgroundColor (String) - (default: 'rgba(0,0,0,.5)'),
  • buttonRadius (Number) - (default: 15),
  • switchWidth (Number) - (default: 40),
  • switchHeight (Number) - (default: 20),
  • buttonContent (React.Component) - Custom inline content for switch button (default: null),
  • enableSlide (Boolean) - (default: true),
  • switchAnimationTime (Number) - Switch animation duration (default: 200),


  • onActivate: This function is called when the switch is activated.
  • onDeactivate: This function is called when the switch is deactivated.
  • onChangeState: Sends the current state of switch.

Live example

git clone git@github.com:Recr0ns/react-native-material-switch.git
cd react-native-material-switch/examples
npm install
open ios/switchExample.xcodeproj

Then Cmd+R to start the React Packager, build and run the project in the simulator.


MIT License


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