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Opt In


  • Workflow: Open this html page in a browser.

Release notes

Version 0.0.1-beta.10

  • Refactored IAB Plugin to narrow down all APIs to on: fetchConsentData.
  • IAB Plugin calls the CMP as soon as it's registered.
  • IAB Plugin approves categories in OptIn based on consent received from __cmp.
  • Support passing a timeout to fetchConsentData and isApproved.
  • Changed the callback signature to function(<error, data>).

Version 0.0.1-beta.12

  • Register callbacks in fetchConsentData to handle multiple callers.

Version 0.0.1-beta.13

  • Fix bug in Emitter to make sure if a subscriber unsubscribes, we would still call the rest of the subscribers.

Version 0.0.1-beta.15

  • Use String.indexOf instead of String.includes so we don't have to use a polyfill.

Version 0.0.1-beta.17

  • Approve all IAB vendors if GDPR does not apply.

Version 0.0.1-beta.18

  • REVERT: Approve all IAB vendors if GDPR does not apply.

Version 1.0.0

  • Update the IAB plugin to support IAB 2.0

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