Javascript Based HTL (Sightly) parser


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HTL Engine for Javascript

This engine can parse HTL scripts and builds a command stream. The command stream can either be intepreted or used to generate code. This project provides a Javascript (ES6) generator and runtime which allows to execute the scripts and use-classes.


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npm install @adobe/htlengine


npm install


currently not very cool. just passes the given file into the HTML parser and outputs the tree again.

node src/cli.js test/simple2.html


Compile the HTL templates wth webpack using the htl-loader


You can also use the API directly:

const { Compiler } = require('@adobe/htlengine');

const compiler = new Compiler()

const js = await compiler.compileToString(code);
// the result can be saved as a file or eval'd



The tests are more comprehensive. They validate if the the HTL expressions are parsed and re-created using the generated parse tree.

npm test

rebuild generated nearley grammar

npm run build

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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