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Search component

search 1

search 2

Live examples here

Getting started

    npm i --save @adactive/arc-search


    yarn add @adactive/arc-search
    import AdsumSearch from "@adactive/arc-Search"
    constructor(props) {    
        this.searchResultRef = React.createRef();


  • search(searchInput: string)
    • expects a string as parameter
    • returns an array of results


type PropTypes = {|
    +isOpen: boolean,
    +lang: 'en' | 'fr',
    +data: Array<Object>,
    +queryValue: string,
    +fuseOptions: Object,
    +searchWrapperCSS?: CSSStyleDeclaration,
    +inputCSS?: CSSStyleDeclaration,
    +placeHolder?: string

static defaultProps = {
    isOpen: false,
    lang: 'en',
    queryValue: '',
    data: [],
    fuseOptions: {} 

isOpen -> To show or hide search bar

lang -> Language for displaying placeholder

data -> An array of data to be injected into fusejs to perform the search

queryValue -> String to be displayed on the search bar and to be searched

fuseOptions -> Refer to fusejs.io for more information

searchWrapperCSS -> To customise the overall CSS for the entire component

inputCSS -> To customise the CSS for the search bar

placeHolder -> To customise placeholder message

const fuseOptions = {
  id: string,
  caseSensitive: boolean,
  shouldSort: boolean,
  tokenize: boolean,
  matchAllTokens: boolean,
  findAllMatches: boolean,
  includeScore: boolean,
  includeMatches: boolean,
  threshold: number,
  location: number,
  distance: number,
  maxPatternLength: number,
  minMatchCharLength: number,
  keys: Array<Object>

Additional Information

Copy component inside your project src folder

Less only

`npx @adactive/arc-search copy --less-only`

Full copy

`npx @adactive/arc-search copy`

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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