Exposes a directory of javascript or coffeescript files as a module indexed by file name


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This Node.JS module requires a directory of JavaScript (or CoffeeScript) files and makes the associated modules available. It can be used to extend a specified module.

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Assume the following directory structure:

|-- ape.js
|-- donkey.js
|-- zebra.js

Add an index file (zoo/index.js) which delegates to the indexer module:

var path = require('path');

var index = require('indexer');

// index all the files in the same directory and extend this module
index(__dirname, module);

Then to use the zoo module:

var zoo = require('zoo');

zoo.ape    // returns the module defined in zoo/ape.js
zoo.donkey // returns the module defined in zoo/donkey.js
zoo.zebra  // returns the module defined in zoo/zebra.js


This module exports a single function with the following parameters:

  • dirname — the directory of files to index (.js and .coffee files will be indexed)
  • module — (optional) export each module in dirname to this module.
  • ignoreModules — the rest of the parameters passed to the function are module names to ignore (i.e. index(__dirname, module 'ape', 'donkey') will only export the zebra module)

The object returned by the function has a property for each module in the dirname.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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