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This library provides environment data to applications in the 4ME ecosystem.


Example :

import getEnv from '4me.env';

const env = getEnv('LFEE');
// {sectors: [Object object]}

Known environments

This library supports multiple environments definition as 4ME is deployed in multiple places.

Known environments are :

  • LFEE : Reims UAC

Nested APIs

sectors API

import getEnv from '4me.env';
const sectors = getEnv('LFEE').sectors;

Full API in docs/sectors.md

clients API

import getEnv from '4me.env';
const clients = getEnv('LFEE').clients;

Full API in docs/clients.md

frequencies API

import getEnv from '4me.env';
const frequencies = getEnv('LFEE').frequencies;

Full API in docs/frequencies.md

components API

import getEnv from '4me.env';
const frequencies = getEnv('LFEE').components;

Note: This API is only available is react is available to require. This allows the use of this libary on the backend without having to install react as a dependency. Full API in docs/components.md


import getEnv from '4me.env';
const frequencies = getEnv('LFEE').xman;

Full API in docs/xman.md

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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